Studio Winton is a small design business based in Edinburgh. We create public designs and artworks for cultural and heritage spaces and undertake commissions to visually reinvent unloved environments. We are dedicated to providing our clients with designs that engage visitors with their core purpose. Our expertise lies in designing spatial responses through design, graphic artworks, integrated technologies and physical installations. We specialise in developing installations, trails, exhibitions brandscapes and bespoke spatial designs that fit our clients’ desired themes and purposes.


Under the collective name of DE-Dub, Euan and Danielle Winton have developed artworks in a variety of media and forms. Their work has been offered as unique one off pieces and has also formed framed bespoke prints, paintings, interior decoration, printed textiles, album and publication covers and book designs.

Euan Winton

Euan Winton has a long history of creating unique installations, designs and artworks for a host of national and international clients he has travelled the world teaching, talking about and doing design projects. More information about Euan and his previous projects can be found here…

Danielle Winton

Danielle is a designer, artist and marketing strategist who has worked across a range of sectors from the built environment to medical sectors and who has undertaken a host of commissioned unique artworks for private clients. Her work has formed brandscapes and interior design to create intimate and relational graphic spaces. Explore more about Danielle and her work here…